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Air & Energy Services in Bradenton

Homeowners in the Manatee County and Longboat Key area have a reliable and trustworthy source for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installation and repairs with Air & Energy’s various services. This company can keep a home running smoothly and comfortably all year round. We repair existing systems and add new ones as needed. Calling one company for all your home systems repair needs is both cost-effective and convenient.

Get Ready For Summer With Air Conditioning Services

The time to get ready for the summer heat is early spring when Air Conditioning Repair services are less busy. Air & Energy experts can get an existing air conditioning system ready for the coming season or we can provide Air Conditioning Installation for homes that do not have central air conditioning yet. With climate change and warmer weather, air conditioning is even more important for your family’s comfort and health.

Some air conditioning units can be repaired and some need to be replaced with new more energy-efficient units. Ductless AC is a good solution for existing homes where there is no ductwork and it would be impractical to add it. These units make it possible to have separate cooling zones for each part of a house, saving money on energy costs. There are also air conditioning units that can be added to existing heating systems and their duct system.

Deciding whether to replace an old unit depends on how well it is working, how often it needs repairs, and how much electricity it is using. Does the old air conditioning system still use R22 refrigerant instead of R410? 

Do You Need a Maintenance Program?

Many homeowners find that having a contract for regular inspection and service of all their home’s operating systems gives them peace of mind and avoids emergency repairs. Air conditioners work hard and may need occasional repair and maintenance services. Those times include the spring and in the fall as cooling and heating need to change over. Being part of Air & Energy’s VIP Customer Maintenance Program is a good way to avoid electrical, plumbing, or HVAC breakdowns. The customer decides on the frequency and level of service they want.

Plumbing Problems

No one wants to walk into the bathroom and see water backing up onto the floor, but it can happen. Plumbing lines can get blocked and back up with little warning. Old plumbing pipes can develop leaks or collapse. Plumbing Repair services offered by Air & Energy will be done quickly and effectively. The technicians will come out with modern equipment to find the plumbing problem and get it repaired so life can go on. A broken or leaking faucet, a clogged toilet, a sewer line problem, or Water Heaters that break can all be fixed quickly. 

Plumbers can also install a Water Filtration system to make sure drinking and cooking water is safe. Every home should have their water tested periodically to make sure contaminants are not in the water. Once the water is tested, our experts can install a system that gets rid of the contaminants shown in the water testing.

Updating and Repairing a Home’s Electrical Service

Older homes may have electrical wiring and service entrances that are not sufficient for today’s needs. Old wiring may not meet modern codes. Damaged wiring can be dangerous. Electrical Repair services can prevent shocks and electrical fires. Old wiring can cause damage to new appliances and electronics. An expert electrician can inspect the home’s wiring and service box to find problems and repair them. We  can replace a whole house electrical system or just the damaged wiring or components that don’t meet code requirements.

Electricity services that were installed in a time when people had fewer electrical appliances and devices need to be updated to give these devices the safe electricity they need. When a home is remodeled or added on to, an electrician is needed to integrate the new wiring with the existing service and to install a new, larger electrical service. What if bad weather cuts the electricity to your home? You can have us provide Generator Installation so your electrical service can continue even during severe weather events.

Another important area to update is a home’s lighting. Lighting can be added to the exterior of a home to enhance safety and security or to make outdoor living areas usable at night. Lighting can be added in kitchen work areas, in bathrooms, and in hallways and stairways for more safety. An electrician can help a homeowner light up all the dark corners in a home with added outlets and light fixtures.

What if your local electrical provider has a problem with electrical surges in the lines? Surge Protection is needed to protect a home and all of its electrical devices from energy surges. Surge protectors are affordable insurance against electronic device damage. When there is surge protection, a home’s electronic security and automation systems are also protected. If a home does not have a security system, we can install a state-of-the-art one for home security and safety.

Another area that needs electrical improvements is often the bathroom. Bathrooms without adequate circulation and venting can develop mold problems. Having a bathroom exhaust fan installed can make the bathroom a healthier place to spend time. Updating the bathroom lighting is also important. The bathroom should have soft but adequate lighting with color correction to help people when they are getting ready for school or work.

Air & Energy has been serving the Manatee County area since 1983 with superior electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services. As a single-source home systems installation and repair service, we save our customers money, time, and headaches. Instead of calling three or more service contractors, you can get all the services with us. We know your home, all of its operating systems, and how they work together and separately. We have customer maintenance contracts available for customers who want periodic checks and maintenance services to prevent emergency repairs. We serve the towns and neighborhoods of Manatee County and Longboat Key.