So You Need a New A/C System…

What can you expect?

Chances are, you aren’t looking forward to purchasing a new A/C system. However, we’re here to make the process as easy and painless as possible. Read on for a brief overview of what you can expect.

Setting up an estimate.
If your system has reached the end of its lifespan (or is close to it), it’s time to schedule an appointment for a no-charge estimate with one of our comfort specialists (meet them below). During this visit to your home, our specialist will evaluate many aspects of your house including, but not limited to, square footage, amount of sunlight, your current system, and existing refrigerant lines and duct system. He will also talk with you about your desired budget, energy efficiency, system add-ons, warranties and financing.

Meet our estimators.

brooksBrooks Griffin

Brooks, an Air Force veteran, has been with Air & Energy for more than 20 years. After working as a technician for many years, he took his expertise to the sales side. He is an Air & Energy customer favorite!

keithKeith Amos

Keith has been in the air conditioning industry for more than 7 years. In addition to learning about the latest technology, Keith greatly enjoys making a personal connection with Air and Energy's growing customer base. 


The proposal.
Shortly after your visit with the comfort specialist, you will receive a proposal explaining options tailored to your home and priorities. Once you have decided on the option you want, the next step is to return the signed proposal, and your comfort specialist will work with you to set up an installation date that fits your schedule.

The install.
The big day has arrived! A typical single system A/C installation takes a full day’s work for a two-man crew. Because each home is unique, your comfort specialist will let you know if he expects your installation will take longer than a day. While we will need access to the inside of your home throughout the installation, it is not necessary for someone to remain at the house all day.

The post-install inspection.
For each new system we install, we must attain a permit from the respective municipality. In order to close out this permit after the installation, an inspector from the municipality must come to your home to look at the new system and verify that everything is perfect before the permit can be closed. As a courtesy to our customers, we schedule these inspections on your behalf. Because each municipality handles these inspections a little differently, your comfort specialist will let you know what to expect.

Let us know how we did.
We know that a new A/C system is a big investment, so we want to make sure that you're happy with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns about your installation, please do not hesitate to call us. If you are pleased with your new system, we'd appreciate you sharing your story through a review. 

 Enjoy and maintain.
Kick back, relax, and enjoy the comfort provided by your new purchase. We’re always here to answer any questions that you may have about your new system and to help you maintain it. We recommend keeping up with a regular 6-month maintenance schedule, beginning 6 months after your install. If you are not already familiar with our VIP maintenance program, click below to learn more!

VIP Program


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