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May 26, 2022 | Blog

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May 2022

Celebrating Moms!

While our team is busy keeping up with the increasing Florida temperatures as we get closer and closer to summer, of course we made sure to celebrate moms this month for Mother’s Day! We hope you enjoy these sweet photos of the hardworking moms of Air & Energy.

Kim Family photoRebecca Family

Serena FamilyLindsey Family

Henry MoonStewart and Trudy

That’s one well-dressed duck!

Well Dressed Duck


Every year we make sure that supporting Pace Center for Girls is a large part of our plan to give back to the community. We do it for the girls, but the adorable ducks are a great bonus! On May 21st, our quackiest team member, Ducky, competed in the Best Dressed Duck contest at Pace’s annual Ducktail Party Splash — and it was a blast! To make the night even sweeter, we WON the People’s Choice trophy! Who doesn’t love a trophy with ducks on it?

Duck Work

Johnna and QuackyJohnna with Duck Trophy

National Rescue Dog Day

Rescue Dogs of Air & Energy

On May 20th we celebrated those special four-legged family members adopted from shelters and rescues! Being the huge animal lovers that we are, our team had plenty of rescue dog photos to share. So, we thought we’d share them with you too!

Andrei & Anthony Save the Day!

Andrei Digging

This lot of upturned sand will someday be a brand new community playground in Parrish! Unfortunately for the community residents, that plan was put on hold when the playground construction crew accidentally bored through an underground high-power electrical cable… in THREE places!
Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. Our electricians worked for several days digging up the old damaged cables and replacing them with new ones. Now the community pool has power again and we look forward to seeing the brand new playground when it’s finished!

Your Feedback

Andrei Smiling

“Very happy with Air & Energy. We bought our whole house generator from them one year ago and couldn’t be happier with the installation and service. When Andrei came by to do our yearly generator maintenance we also asked him to install a surge protector for our air-conditioning unit.” – John on Google

Cisco Smiling

“Francisco is one of the kindest and most professional electrical techs I’ve ever dealt with …  I really like the VIP package they have and how they take care of their customers timely and professionally. Thank you so much”
– Anabelle on Google

Joey Smiling

“Joey came to replace a circuit breaker. He fully explained the issue and what he would do to fix it.”
– Andre on Google

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May Birthdays

Last but not least, please join us in wishing a very happy birthday to Ryan, Anthony, Nando, Justin and Yuri! 🥳

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