Why LED?

Did you know...

- LED lights use 75% less energy than traditional lighting.
- LED lights last up to 100,000 hours, while incandescent bulbs last only 2,000 hours
- Over the lifespan of one LED lamp, you will save $179 when compared to an incandescent lamp.

- An LED lamp can pay for itself 4-5 times during its lifetime


With so many LED lighting options available on the market, the possibilities are endless. From LED tape light accents in your kitchen and bathroom to beautiful LED pendant lights in your living room or breathtaking outdoor landscape lighting, we have you covered. Enjoy your home in a whole new, energy-efficient light!

LED Retrofit Lamps


LED retrofit lamps are a great high efficiency, one-piece solution for your outdated fixtures. Ideal for a variety of environments, including bathrooms, these lamps fit
varying sizes of standard recessed housings, providing soft, dimmable light and beautiful illumination. Available in standard and high lumen configurations, these lights reduce power usage by over 80% over halogen flood lamps and have a 40,000 hour lifetime.

LED Landscape Lighting

The variety of options provided by LED landscape lighting allows you to create the beautiful landscape you have envisioned for your outdoor living space. With more lumens and less wattage, your new superior lighting effects will illuminate while also being energy efficient. The options, including decorative path and spread, low profile hardscape, water features, deck patio and more, are endless. Did we mention their durability and all-weather performance?


LED Tape Lights

7-LED Tape Lighting (22)With LED tape light, you get versatility, simplicity and beauty. Truly energy efficient lights allow rooms to come alive in their natural tones, thanks to a superior Color Rendering Index.

Additionally, tape lighting is available in a range of Kelvin color temperature options, allowing you to customize the warmth of the light to complement your environment. Also offered in indoor/dry, indoor/damp and outdoor/wet options, tape lights are an excellent addition to any atmosphere.


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