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Air & Energy North Sarasota Services

Residents of North Sarasota… we’ve got you covered!

Air & Energy can keep a North Sarasota home running smoothly and comfortably all year round… and we have been since 1983! Homeowners in our community have a reliable and trustworthy source for plumbing, electrical, generator, and HVAC installation and repairs with Air & Energy’s various services. We repair existing systems and add new ones as needed. Calling one company for all your home services needs is both cost-effective and convenient.

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Air Conditioning Services All Year Round!

In North Sarasota, Florida, it’s hot all year round. Sure, it cools off a bit towards the winter months, but most of the time, your air conditioning system is consistently running for 12 months. At Air & Energy, we provide Air Conditioning Repair and Air Conditioning Installation services for all of North Sarasota.

Some air conditioning units can be repaired and some need to be replaced with new more energy-efficient units. An Air & Energy expert is able to properly assess your system and give you all the information you need to make an educated decision regarding the unit.

Ductless A/C is a good solution for existing homes where there is no ductwork or for small individual locations of your home, such as a garage or sunroom. These units make it possible to have separate cooling zones for each part of a house, saving money on energy costs. There are also air conditioning units that can be added to existing air conditioning systems and their ductwork.

At Air & Energy, we can help you keep you comfortable in North Sarasota with all of our air conditioning services.

Do You Need a Maintenance Program?

Purchasing an air conditioning system is an investment. Just like a car, it needs proper care to ensure it continues to run smoothly. Plus, many A/C system warranties require regular maintenance to remain valid! That’s why we created our VIP Customer Program. When you are an Air & Energy VIP Customer, our technicians will not only perform semi-annual maintenances on your home’s air conditioning system, but they’ll also give you superior service and discounts year-round!

Many homeowners in North Sarasota find that having a contract for regular inspection and service of all their home’s operating systems gives them peace of mind and avoids emergency repairs. Being part of Air & Energy’s VIP Customer Maintenance Program is a good way to avoid electrical, plumbing, or HVAC breakdowns.

Plumbing Problems in Your North Sarasota Home?

No one wants to walk into the bathroom and see water backing up onto the floor, but it can happen. Plumbing lines can get blocked and back up with little to no warning. Old plumbing pipes can develop leaks or collapse. Plumbing Repair services offered to North Sarasota residents by Air & Energy will be done quickly and effectively. Our technicians will come out with modern equipment to find the plumbing problem and get it repaired with the utmost quality. A broken or leaking faucet, a clogged toilet, a sewer line problem, or Water Heaters that break can all be fixed quickly by an Air & Energy plumber. 

Our plumbers can also install Water Filtration and softening systems to make help ensure your drinking, cooking, and bathing water is safe to use and ingest.

Updating and Repairing a Home’s Electrical Components

Older North Sarasota homes may have electrical wiring and service entrances that are not sufficient for today’s needs. Old wiring may not meet modern codes and damaged wiring can be dangerous. Electrical Repair services provided by Air & Energy can prevent shocks and electrical fires. Our electricians can inspect your home’s wiring and electrical panel to see if you have any existing problems and repair them. We can replace a whole house electrical system or just the damaged wiring or components that don’t meet code requirements.

Air & Energy also offers North Sarasota residents surge protection installation, landscape lighting, electrical fixture replacement, GFCI + other outlet types repair & replacement as well as many other electrical services.

Worried about Florida’s storm season? Air & Energy provides whole-home generator installation services to our North Sarasota neighbors!

As a family-owned home services business, Air & Energy has been serving the Manatee County & North Sarasota, Florida area since 1983 with superior electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services. As a single-source home systems installation and repair service company, we save our customers money, time, and headaches. Instead of calling three or more service contractors, count on us to keep you cool and comfortable.