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Add Value to Your Home With a New HVAC System

Feb 25, 2022 | Blog

Homebuyers want the most for their money. Thanks to rising housing costs, a person cannot take any chances when making a major investment in their future. They come to the table well-informed when purchasing a home, and an inspection can derail a sale in a matter of minutes. Buyers pay close attention to the plumbing and HVAC systems in a home, as they know how much it costs to repair these systems. Sellers consider this and ensure they do everything possible to meet the needs of buyers. One way to do so involves installing a new HVAC system before the sale. Why should a seller consider taking on the expense of air conditioning installation when they won’t be living in the house much longer? You can add value to your home with a new HVAC system.


No homebuyer wants to move into their new residence only to have the HVAC system fail in a matter of weeks or months. The same holds true for the plumbing and electrical systems, along with the appliances. Temperatures climb during the summer months in Florida, so the air conditioner must be in proper working condition if the home is to sell for the asking price. In addition, buyers want an efficient system to keep their energy bills low. 


With proper AC maintenance, an HVAC system can last up to 15 years. However, homeowners find they save money by replacing the unit sooner, as newer models tend to be more energy-efficient. Homebuyers appreciate knowing they have a system that will last for years to come. When the HVAC system in a home going up for sale is ten years of age or older, replace it before putting the home on the market. Doing so adds to the value of the residence, which home buyers appreciate. How much value will a new system add? 


Sellers often underestimate the value of a new HVAC system. In reality, an AC installation can add up to ten percent to the value of the home. Furthermore, the installation of a new system can generate a larger pool of potential buyers, which increases the odds of the homeowner getting the asking price or higher. However, the unit must be properly sized for the residence to achieve this goal.

Smart Technology

Individuals today benefit from smart technology in many areas of life. They own a smartphone, wear a smartwatch, and live in a smart house. They want to control the HVAC system from their mobile device wherever they are. Forbes reports 38 percent of millennials today live in a home with smart technology. Fifty-eight percent state they want a house equipped with this technology. They remain concerned about their carbon footprint and know a smart home gives them more control over their environmental impact. By installing an HVAC system with smart technology, a homeowner increases the potential buyer pool when the time comes to sell their residence.

Low Maintenance

Some homebuyers purchase a residence knowing they will need to make repairs and upgrades before the home is liveable. However, most people want to walk in the door knowing they will have fewer repairs, maintenance, and upgrade tasks to complete. They want to settle into the new home as quickly as possible. Homeowners who install a new HVAC system know the residence will go through inspection with fewer delays and the home sale won’t be held up in negotiations because of an outdated HVAC system. The parties finalize the transaction in less time because the owner had the forethought to make this upgrade before putting the property on the market. 

Sellers find they benefit from upgrading the HVAC system before selling the home. An energy-efficient system reduces heating and cooling bills while the seller remains in the residence. In addition, many utility providers provide rebates to homeowners who upgrade their HVAC system, and owners might find they are also eligible for a rebate through the state or federal government. It never hurts to check. 

Consider replacing the HVAC system in your residence and adding value to the home. Doing so comes with many benefits, and homeowners often find they save money each month on their energy bills. This helps to offset the cost of the installation while ensuring the occupants of the home remain comfortable at all times. Don’t delay. Learn more today about the benefits of upgrading and schedule an appointment for a consultation. Homeowners have nothing to lose by taking this step and a great deal to gain. 

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