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Included in VIP Customer Membership

Two full A/C maintenances

10% off air conditioning repairs

10% off plumbing repairs

10% off electrical repairs

✓ Orange media air filter pads included

✓ Priority scheduling & dispatching

✓ Emergency service

✓ No overtime charges

✓ System performance report

✓ No hidden fees or charges

Happy VIP Customers

Why Become a VIP Customer?

We want to treat you! Just like your car, your air conditioning system needs proper care to ensure it continues to run smoothly. Plus, many A/C system warranties require regular maintenance to remain valid. According to Trane, “If you want to save money on air conditioner repairs and replacements, the best thing you can do is regularly maintain your unit.”

 That’s why we created our VIP Customer Program. When you’re an Air & Energy VIP Customer, our technicians will perform semi-annual air conditioning maintenance on your home’s air conditioning system. And if you’re timely about scheduling maintenance on your system semi-annually, this program will actually save you money.

We want you to be comfortable in your home. So let us take care of you, because that’s our job! Plus, you never have to remember when it’s time to schedule your air conditioning maintenance – we do it for you. You can expect a friendly e-mail or call from us when it’s time for your maintenance.

VIP Customer

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When we say A/C maintenance, we mean it!

✓ Evaluate overall system condition

✓ Tighten electrical connections

✓ Evaluated safety controls

✓ Clean condenser coil

✓ Measure temperature differential

✓ Check thermostat & humidistat operation

✓ Check fan blades for tightness

✓ Clean & flush drain line

✓ Lubricate fan motor

✓ Check start & run capacitors

✓ Check electrical components

✓ Check refrigerant level

✓ Measure voltage differences

✓ Inspect blower wheel

✓ Inspect & clean evaporator coil

✓ Test heating element

✓ Inspect for rust/corrosion

✓ Check compressor starting

✓ Measure amperage draw

✓ Change customer supplied filters

✓ Recommend work needed