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Haunting Hazards! The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating for Halloween

Oct 24, 2019 | Blog

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s vital that you safely prepare your home for such a fun and spooky night! When it comes to decorating your home for your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters, make sure to watch out for any haunting hazards that could potentially arise. We’ll walk you through some Do’s and Don’t’s of Halloween electrical safety.

Here are a few electrical tips to ensure your home remains safe on Halloween night:

Do’s and Don’t’s

DO NOT Overpower any extension cords or outlets

DO Check all decorations for frayed or damaged wires

DO NOT Use outdoor decorations labeled as “indoor only”

DO Keep your lawn free of tripping hazards for trick-or-treaters such as cables or rope

DO NOT Leave or display highly flammable decorations (corn husks, hay, etc.) around heat or electrical sources

DO Turn off all electrical decorations before leaving your house or going to bed for the night

Additional Halloween Electrical Safety Tips

  • Outdoor cords should be plugged into GFCI outlets to prevent electrical shock injuries
  • Keep your yard and pathways well lit for trick-or-treaters to find their way safely
  • Discard and replace any damaged electrical decorations with problems such as frayed wires, damaged lights, etc.
  • Keep decorations away from utility poles, wires, and transformers
  • Do not staple or nail through wires or string lights when hanging them up

By following these simple safety tips, your home should be ready for Halloween night! At Air & Energy, we know scary and we’ve seen it all. If you have any questions about electrical safety regarding your holiday decorations, please give us a call (941-778-0773)!

Count on us to help you stay safe and comfortable. We offer regular A/C maintenance, plumbing and electrical inspections & more!

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