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How to Balance High Humidity at Home During Florida’s Summers

Jul 17, 2018 | Blog

In the hot, muggy summers in Bradenton, Florida, you must address high humidity and temperatures to stay cool and comfortable indoors. An HVAC system regulates both! Air & Energy provides HVAC services that deal with a range of air quality factors to help you stay comfortable throughout the year.

Comfort and Health in Your Home

Humidity plays a big factor in indoor comfort and health. Health experts recommend keeping humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent. If it is too low, skin and mucous membranes become dry. Dry air affects sinuses and lungs, which can create health problems.

If it’s too humid, living spaces feel clammy and uncomfortable. High humidity also creates an environment favorable to microbial growth. As a result, it can affect the quality of the indoor air and, ultimately, your health.

Regulating Humidity Improves Indoor Air Quality

High moisture levels in the air are correlated with the presence of airborne microbes that can cause allergies and aggravate other respiratory illnesses. In addition, too much moisture can saturate building materials. As a result, it can cause emission of volatile organic compounds that affect indoor air. Maintaining humidity levels improves air quality and helps you breathe easy.

Ways to Regulate Humidity Inside Your Home

Luckily, there are ways to keep these levels within recommended ranges when simply running the air conditioner is not enough. Dehumidifiers can be integrated into the HVAC system to keep your living space perfectly comfortable.

In addition, other products, such as ultraviolet lights, air cleaners, high quality air filters and whole-house ventilators, work with the air conditioner to improve air quality and minimize pollutants associated with excess humidity levels. As a result, you’ll breathe easier, sleep better and live a healthier life inside your home.

The HVAC experts at Air & Energy can help regulate humidity and improve air quality in your home. Call 941-778-0773 today to talk to one of our service technicians about how to keep air moisture at healthy levels in your home.

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