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How to Choose the Best A/C System for your Home

Aug 10, 2021 | Blog

Having an operating HVAC system significantly impacts a person’s quality of life. However, the cost of this system leads many people to delay when the time comes to invest in a new one. This task doesn’t need to be complicated. With so many options, how do you choose the best A/C for your home? When a person knows which factors to consider, the process becomes much easier. Take the following things into account as you go to make this important decision. 

Examine the Ductwork

Men and women often place their entire focus on selecting a new air conditioner. They also need to take into account the ductwork, as it plays a large role in the functionality of the new system. Hire a licensed HVAC contractor to do a thorough examination of the home’s ductwork and determine if repairs or upgrades are needed.

If the ductwork has poorly sealed joints or is broken in any area, the system loses up to 30 percent of its efficiency. The contractor makes the necessary repairs and upgrades before cleaning the ducts to ensure they are free of dust and debris that also interfere with system efficiency. 

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners sit in double- and single-sash windows in a residence. Many apartments benefit from these units, but homeowners find they become of great help in single rooms in the home that never cool properly. They are small, easily installed, and portable. Furthermore, they serve as a cheap option when a person lacks central air for any reason. Fortunately, these units have become more efficient over the years and come with a warranty to provide peace of mind. If you don’t own your home and need a quick fix, it’s possible that a window unit could be the best A/C for your home.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners function much as window air conditioners but serve as a stand-alone unit. They don’t need to be installed in a window. The unit pulls air in before removing the heat and moisture. The unit then sends cool, dry air into the home. The hot, humid air within the unit moves through an exhaust hose out a window. However, they lack the efficiency of window units. 

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Ductless mini-split air conditioners function as heat pumps but lack the ductwork seen with a central unit. The outdoor compressor serves the same purpose as the compressor that comes with a heat pump. Where the unit differs is in the interior units. Each unit in the home functions as an indoor evaporator coil and air handling unit that is mounted on a wall or ceiling. The two units connect with the help of a conduit placed in a sealed hole through a wall. They are an excellent choice for homes that lack ductwork and smaller residences, as the AC installation process is simplified. Furthermore, some of these units offer the highest efficiency of all air conditioning units today. Furthermore, they provide heat when temperatures drop. 

Central Air Conditioning

When you call for an AC repair and the technician states the unit needs to be replaced, consider replacing the current unit with a central air conditioning system. Although the other options offer benefits, this solution serves as the most comprehensive way to cool the residence. Cooled air moves through the home with the help of ductwork and each room has a return and supply register. The components, other than the air handler, are located outside the home or in the attic which means valuable floor space isn’t being used for this purpose. 

Homeowners find they can keep the entire residence cool with a central air conditioning system, which means indoor comfort improves. The system works to keep the humidity levels within the home at a reasonable level, and energy costs tend to remain affordable when this option is selected. The system doesn’t make much noise, and installation isn’t difficult when ductwork is already in place. Homeowners appreciate knowing the installation of a new HVAC system adds to the value of the property. 

Regardless of which option is selected, the homeowner must make certain the system is sized properly for the space. Undersized units won’t be able to keep up when the temperature and humidity start to climb. In contrast, oversized units short cycle. This shortens the lifespan of the unit and won’t allow it to dehumidify the area properly. This can negatively impact the occupants’ comfort in the home. 

Work with a licensed professional contractor to determine which option is best when it comes to your HVAC unit. In addition, they become of great help when sizing the unit for the area. They undergo training to evaluate all factors and ensure you choose the best A/C for your home.

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