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Is Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests?

Dec 4, 2021 | Blog

The holidays are quickly approaching. Homeowners across the country are preparing for guests by cleaning the home, shopping for groceries, and planning fun activities for guests. The homeowner must also ensure their residence is ready for guests. To do so, the homeowner should examine the HVAC system, water heater, and plumbing to detect any problems and have them corrected prior to the arrival of the guests. We’ll walk you through what to look for when determining if your home is ready for holiday house guests. 

Water Heater

Nobody wants to run out of hot water mid-shower. Unfortunately, this can happen when homeowners don’t properly maintain the water heater in the home. What should you look for to know when you are in need of water heater repair?

If the hot water coming from your faucets is rusty, the problem may lie in the water heater. The same holds when a homeowner notices a change in the temperature coming from the faucets. Although this could be something simple like people in the household using more hot water, it never hurts to have this appliance checked. 

Any strange noises coming from the water heater suggest it is time you put in a call to Air & Energy to have the unit examined. These noises often come as a result of sediment buildup in the tank. Obviously, water coming from the tank means it is time for a visit from the plumbing professionals. 

Heating and Cooling

Nobody wants to deal with heating and cooling issues during the holidays. To ensure you have no air quality issues when guests are visiting, be sure to change your HVAC filters.

Reprogram your thermostat and set it to a lower temperature when guests will be present. More people in an area lead to a higher room temperature. By accounting for this and changing the programming of the thermostat before guests arrive, you can enjoy their company without worrying about the room temp.

Remember to check the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If a problem does arise in the home, these systems alert you quickly to ensure the safety of all who are present. By taking these steps prior to the arrival of your guests, you will give yourself time to call for an air conditioning repair if needed and ensure the system is functioning properly when they arrive. 


Are you in need of a plumbing repair? Homeowners may be quick to answer this question assuming their plumbing system is fine. However, since most components of the system remain hidden in walls, under floors, or in cabinets, a problem might be brewing that they remain completely unaware of. Contact Air & Energy to request an inspection of the plumbing system to detect any potential problems before your guests arrive for the holidays.

While waiting for the plumber to arrive, ensure each bathroom has a trash can so guests don’t flush inappropriate items down the toilet. Place a glass jar in the kitchen to collect cooking oil rather than pour it down the sink, and ensure all family members know what items should not make their way into the garbage disposal. Simple steps such as these go a long way to keeping the plumbing system operational during the holidays. 

When contacting Air and Energy for your plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning needs, you’ll find you enjoy the holidays fully. Our team provides you with peace of mind knowing your household systems are fully operational. We are here when you need us, so don’t hesitate to call. 

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