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Now Is The Time to Schedule Your A/C Maintenance (AKA Tune-Up)

Jan 25, 2022 | Blog

While much of the country is in the throes of winter right now, it’s mild here in Bradenton, Florida. Summer is just around the corner, and like many Floridians, you’ll want to run your air conditioner when it gets hot outside. The colder months are the best time to schedule your A/C maintenance (AKA a Tune-Up). There’s never a good time for an A/C problem, but thankfully, regular maintenance can help homeowners avoid most issues. Here, we’ll discuss a few problems that can be prevented with regular maintenance, also sometimes called tune-ups.

The System is Blowing Warm Air

If your air conditioner is running constantly but isn’t cooling the home, put a hand over a supply register. The air will likely feel warm, which means there’s a problem. The system won’t be able to keep up with summertime cooling demand, and your power bill will increase as indoor comfort levels decline. A regular A/C maintenance could have revealed this problem earlier, but at this stage your air conditioner will require a service call for full diagnosis and repair.

Little Airflow Coming From Vents

Maybe the air coming from the vents is cold, but the flow isn’t very strong. When a system’s airflow is weak, most of the cold air you’re paying for isn’t reaching the inside of the home. Leaky ductwork may be to blame, or the air filter may need to be exchanged. A seasonal maintenance/tune-up can point out small issues like this before they significantly affect the airflow in your home. If a small leak turns into a big leak, it will require repair instead of maintenance, which is why it’s important to catch these things early.

Short Cycling

When an air conditioner short cycles, it turns on for a short while before turning off again. Not only is this method of operation inefficient, but it also prevents the AC from removing humidity, which results in a muggy home. Short cycling also causes internal components to wear out faster. Regular maintenance will catch problems like short cycling before they can cause serious damage to your system.

Inconsistent Cooling

Patchy cooling is another sign that it’s time for an AC repair, likely caused by an issue that could have been caught early during a routine maintenance. Some rooms may feel hot while others feel too cold. Inadequate insulation, sun exposure, and old windows may play a role, but the air conditioner is the most likely culprit. A yearly tune-up may be all that’s needed to prevent patchy cooling in your home.

Accumulated Moisture

If the outdoor portion of the AC system is leaking, there may be a broken or blocked drain tube. While this may only require a small repair, it’s important to address it promptly to prevent mold growth and other problems. Drain tubes and other hoses prone to leaks are checked thoroughly during maintenance to prevent problems down the road.

The System is Making Strange Noises

Over the years, Bradenton homeowners become familiar with the noises their HVAC systems make. If grinding, grating or squealing noises have started, however, it’s too late for maintenance and time for a service call to make a repair. By getting maintenance done regularly, fan blades and other moving parts can be checked over for any irregularities that may cause the system to run improperly.

Odd Smells

A musty-smelling air conditioner could indicate a mold problem inside the system, while a pungent burning odor may point to burnt wiring. It’s difficult to diagnose based on smell alone, but a tune-up or maintenance by an A/C professional will allow us to find the source of the smell, eliminate these strange odors and resolve any underlying issues. If your A/C is producing strange smells, it’s time to schedule your A/C maintenance.

Higher Utility Bills

Compare your last power bill to the one from the same time last year. If the new bill is substantially higher than the previous one, there’s something wrong. A thorough tune-up will help you save on energy bills throughout the season by preventing this issue. If you notice this being a problem, it’s likely already time for a service call to repair your system.

High Humidity

Excess humidity inside the home is a sure sign that its HVAC system needs attention. While many homeowners don’t realize it, one of an air conditioner’s purposes is to take moisture out of indoor air. If the system isn’t working well, humidity levels won’t improve.

It’s easy to tell when there’s too much moisture in the air. It will feel damp and may smell moldy or musty. In any event, there’s a high chance of a refrigerant leak. When these systems are low on refrigerant, they put out cool, yet humid air.

Checking for refrigerant leaks is easy. Walk outside to the condenser unit and look for nearby puddles. This typically indicates a leak and points to the need for repairs. Call us today to check for and fix refrigerant leaks.

How Often Should A/C Maintenance Be Done?

Florida air conditioners should be tuned up at least once per year. We recommend having maintenance done every 6 months, which is what our VIP Customer Program is designed to provide. If you cannot remember the last time you scheduled a maintenance, or it was a long time ago, call us today. One of our friendly technicians will look at the system and point out any issues. They will also perform a detailed cleaning and necessary maintenance to keep your HVAC system running all summer. Not only will it help your A/C run more efficiently, problems can be detected before they require expensive repairs, and most air conditioner warranties actually require regular maintenance in order to remain valid. We’ll help you figure out the best time to schedule your A/C maintenance.

Get In Touch With Us

Proper maintenance is a bit of an investment, but it pays dividends as far as your family’s comfort is concerned and prevents the need for expensive repairs. To schedule preventive maintenance with an HVAC technician in Bradenton FL, call or click today.

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