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Three Common Reasons Your Thermostat is Blank

Oct 24, 2022 | Blog

Not every A/C problem can be tackled with a quick fix. But, every now and then there is a simple solution to common air conditioning problems. We’ll share three common reasons your thermostat is blank. Plus, we’ll share some simple solutions you can do yourself! Hopefully these tips can save you the cost of a service call next time your thermostat isn’t turning on. If the problem isn’t one of these three we listed, at least you know you’ve already ruled them out, and it might be time to call an A/C company for service.

Your Drain Line is Backed Up

This is the most common cause of blank thermostats that we see. Your air conditioning drain line can become clogged over time, which causes water to build up in the drain line. The air conditioning system will shut off to protect itself from damage if water backs up to the float switch. You can follow these instructions in our video to clear your A/C drain line yourself. If the clog is too stubborn, you can always call your local air conditioning company to professionally clear the drain line.

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The Batteries Are Dead

Some solutions are so simple they don’t cross our minds at first. This is one of them! If your thermostat is battery-operated and unexpectedly goes blank, be sure to switch out the batteries to see if it’s a quick fix to your problem.

A Circuit Breaker Tripped

Alternatively, thermostats that are not battery operated are wired into the home’s power supply. Check your electrical panel if your thermostat shuts off and won’t turn back on. It’s possible that the breaker your thermostat is on has tripped and simply needs to be reset.

We listed these three common reasons your thermostat is blank that you can DIY solve at home. However, there are a wide variety of more complicated reasons that air conditioning systems and thermostats could fail. According to Trane, if your thermostat is over 15 years old then it may even be time to replace it. For broken thermostats and system failures, you can always rely on your local air conditioning company to check it out and find the root of the issue. We’re here for you!

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