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What Reasons to Install a Generator in the Home

Jan 10, 2021 | Blog

As the years go by, tropical storms and hurricanes with the potential to disrupt electricity become more prevalent. In September of 2022, hurricane Ian caused widespread power outages in Manatee County that left us without power for over a week. One of the best pieces of equipment to help with weather and emergency preparedness is a whole-home standby generator. There are so many reasons to install a generator! Wise homeowners are investing in a generator now, before the next big storm hits. With the backup power supplied by a generator, you will be ready when the weather changes to high winds and lightning strikes. Although utility crews work every day to restore electricity, it is imperative to have contingency power plans at home. When utility workers are inundated with widespread outages, it can take several days before your home’s power is restored. Here are the reasons to invest in an emergency generator:

The Pandemic Normalized Working at Home 

Since the WHO declared Coronavirus a global pandemic in March 2020, more and more people have found new ways to work at home. There has been a proliferation of home businesses, and many employees have embraced the abrupt shift to remote work. This means a lot of homes have been transformed into workplaces. And a workplace cannot do without electrical power. An emergency generator installation is something homeowners cannot regret investing in during this pandemic. Even the slightest power outage could translate to a work shutdown and possible revenue loss for a home business. People need to keep their internet, printers, personal computers, and Wi-Fi running in a blackout event.  

Even though life moves on without electric energy, prolonged outage makes things more challenging. Nobody wants to sit in a dark, humid house without air conditioning. A power-producing machine keeps work-at-home folks comfortable, calm, and happy. It is one way to remain proactive and ready for uncertainties.  Moreover, people working at home need to keep essential appliances running, e.g. refrigerators, medical equipment, and lighting systems. That way, the households will not endure stressful scenarios like food spoilage and smartphones shutting down.   

Florida Weather is One of the Biggest Reasons to Install a Generator

The majority of power outages are caused by fierce weather. The probability of blackouts going for more than 24 hours increases as the severity of stormy events rises. Meanwhile, homes require robust protection from flood damage arising from thunderstorms.  A sump pump is typically installed on the floor of a basement or crawlspace in a box. Since the pump is at the lowest point, water tends to gravitate there. As soon as the sump pump detects water, it starts pumping to the hose and away from home. 

Getting excess water out of a crawl space is not an easy feat. The tragedy is when the electricity goes off in the middle of a heavy downpour. A standby generator ensures that your home’s sump pump is in operation throughout a heavy rain period. Having a personal back up power source keeps the floods out of the basement, minimizing the risk of mold and property damage. As long as there is fuel, households will benefit from portable power-generating equipment. They can be installed anywhere to power up the sump pump.   

Households Need Constant Water Supply 

Municipal water systems are designed to supply water, whether there’s electricity or not. However, most rural homes use borehole water which depends on electric pumps to keep running. Homeowners relying on well water need generators to prevent water from being cut off due to power outages. With a whole-home standby generator, submersible well pumps can maintain their ability to supply fresh and safe water. Many well-water systems consist of multiple pumps, e.g. booster pumps that siphon water from a storage facility to households and farms. Then there is the good pump that drives water from the borehole to a storage tank.  

Those planning to irrigate their farms during prolonged electric breakdowns need generators with a bigger fuel capacity to last through the cycle. A qualified technician can suggest a Whole-Home Generator to ensure that these demands are met.

Final Word

Harsh weather makes overhead power lines blow out. The circumstances are inevitable, especially in Bradenton, FL, where storms are highly predictable in frequency and duration. As a homeowner, you should know what to do even before the storm arrives. Do not wait for your home electric circuits to go on a blackout. With so many reasons to install a generator, give us a call so you can start enjoying peace of mind within seconds of a power outage. 

Air & Energy is a reputable company committed to helping clients meet their needs with the best standby generators, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical solutions. Since 1983, we have been serving Manatee County, including Bradenton, FL, with premier services. Reach out to us today for impeccable customer service. 

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