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4 Reasons to Choose Trane A/C Units

Jan 24, 2022 | Blog

Are you looking for the best air conditioner brand for your home? 

This article breaks down 4 reasons to choose a Trane A/C unit and why they have remained our top air conditioner choice for all these years. We’re picky about the type of products we put into our customers’ homes. Our customers don’t call the manufacturer if something goes wrong with a system – they call us! If you live in a town like ours, those customers are your family, friends, and neighbors. We’ve been installing A/C units in Manatee County for over 38 years now, so we have the unique privilege to see for ourselves how these systems hold up over time. We’ve found that Trane air conditioning systems are the best option available. Let’s get right into it!


4 Reasons to Choose Trane A/C Units


1. They’ve been around the block.

Trane has been making air conditioning units for over 120 years. The first electrical air conditioner ever was invented in 1901, so Trane’s 120 years of experience is certainly impressive.

2. Trane units are really, really durable

Trane A/C units hold up well against the heat, humidity, and salty breeze they’re exposed to here in our coastal Florida community. Trane puts its air conditioning systems through extremely rigorous testing at the SEET (Systems Extreme Environmental Test) lab in Tyler, TX, to ensure that the units keep running even in unpleasant conditions. This testing simulates 5 years of usage under extreme circumstances, and Trane units hold up beautifully. In fact, there’s a compressor named Snowball II at the Trane Compressor Test Lab that has encased itself in ice by running nonstop since 2000. It’s still going too!

3. They’re so quiet

Trane XV18 units, for example, produce a sound level starting at only 57 dBA. For reference, the CDC lists a soft whisper as 30 decibels and a washing machine at 70 decibels. The reduction in sound compared to other units is due to a combination of Trane’s innovations in sound insulation and the integrated fan system’s blade-down design. It is actually someone’s job to sit inside Trane’s Hemi Anechoic chamber and measure the noise produced by every Trane model so they can be designed to run as quietly as possible.

4. Trane units are energy efficient

Every air conditioning unit you consider will have its own SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (or Rating), which is essentially a mathematic equation that divides cooling output by energy usage to give you the efficiency of your unit, or SEER. It’s similar to measuring the miles per gallon of a car to determine fuel efficiency, so basically higher is better and you can expect some fluctuation similar to the difference in town and highway mileage for cars. Trane A/C units range from 14.5 SEER to 22 SEER, which is a pretty large range. The minimum standard for A/C systems is 13 SEER. We encourage you to use this information in your search for the best A/C system for you! Even 14.5 SEER is a wonderful rating. Not only does a higher SEER rating save you money on the power bill, it means your system operates more efficiently in hot weather and has an easier time keeping your home cool when you need it most. As Trane points out on their website, “Most older A/C systems are rated at around 8 or 9, so even the lowest available SEER rated system you buy today will be much more energy efficient.”

Ready to take the next step?

There are many, many more than 4 reasons to choose a Trane A/C unit, so it was hard to pick just 4 for this article! We would be happy to help you pick out a Trane unit that’s perfect for your home and lifestyle. Just give us a call at 941-778-0773 or click here to schedule an appointment! Air & Energy receives the Trane Soar Award

Air & Energy was presented with the Trane Soar Award and named Trane’s top dealer in all of south Florida

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