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Why You Should Choose a Trane Comfort Specialist for Your AC Repair

May 5, 2018 | Blog

A heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is a major investment. A well-functioning system is crucial for indoor comfort in Bradenton, Florida. When you’re considering a new installation or need an AC repair on an existing unit in your home or business, you want to be sure that you select an expert HVAC contractor to complete the service. A professional company that has become a Trane Comfort Specialist has the training and expertise to complete your AC repair.

Trane Comfort Specialists Are Experts

HVAC contractors who meet the stringent requirements for both technological expertise and customer service are candidates to be Trane Comfort Specialists. Those selected undergo rigorous training at Trane University and Trane’s testing facility to work on state-of-the-art equipment. They learn how to size and install new units as well as how to troubleshoot and diagnose problems when units don’t perform properly. They also train to perform preventive maintenance checks that examine and calibrate each component of a system.

Trane Comfort Specialists Are Certified

A Trane Comfort Specialist’s service technicians are usually certified by NATE, the industry leader in certifying HVAC professionals. NATE certifies service technicians in core knowledge areas and specialties. They undergo continuing education to keep certifications current.

Dealers must be licensed by the state they work in. Most are members of professional organizations, such as Air Conditioning Contractors of America and the Better Business Bureau. Dealers must be insured and bonded.

Trane Comfort Specialists Are Performers

The weather of the Florida Gulf Coast can be hard on HVAC systems. It takes knowledge of the local climate and experience with equipment to select components that perform properly under these conditions.

Trane has designed several products specifically for marine climates. However, even the best of equipment may require repair. Trane Comfort Specialists are experts in diagnosing problems and making recommendations for service that fit with your budget and comfort requirements.

If you need a new installation, want to improve indoor air quality or require an AC repair in Bradenton, don’t settle for anything less than a Trane Comfort Specialist. Contact Air & Energy at 941-778-0773 to learn why we’re the area’s leading TCS.

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