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KOHLER Generator Maintenance & Repairs


Make sure your Kohler Whole-Home Generator is ready when you need it with routine maintenance.

Inside every Kohler generator is a heavy-duty engine built to withstand extreme workloads over many years. It’s recommended to have professional maintenance done on your Kohler whole-home generator once per year to ensure it’s in great working order and primed for emergency operation when outages occur. Oil changes, fluid checks and power checks are all part of ownership, and Air & Energy does it all for you, making sure your generator is ready when you need it. Our expert electricians know Kohler whole-home generators inside and out – literally!


Kohler Titanium Dealer and Bold Certified

 Maintenance Checklist:

Change oil
Replace filters
Install new plugs
Update firmware control
Check battery age

(Battery replacement not included)

Ensure transfer switch operation
Test OnCue Plus (if enabled)
Load test the house (simulate power loss)
  Vacuum out any engine dust/debris
✓  Clean external components and housing
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Generator Installation

Air & Energy is a Kohler Titanium Dealer, the highest tier within Kohler distributors. This means we continue to meet & exceed inventory, factory certification, and customer support metrics at the higest level.

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Generator Service & Repair

As a Bold Certified Kohler Dealer, Air & Energy provides best-in-class customer support. No matter the issue, our highly skilled technicians know Kohler, and our team will ensure any generator issues are resolved promptly.

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Generator Maintenance

A standby generator is just like any other mechanical system, it requires routine maintenance. By keeping to a yearly maintenance schedule, you can rest assured that your generator will be ready to power your home during any outage event.

KOHLER Generator Service & Repair

Having problems with your KOHLER whole-home generator? Our technicians can help!

Kohler whole-home generators are one of the most reliable available on the market, but if a problem arises, our technicians would be happy to get your generator back up and running! Especially living in Florida, where the heat and humidity can cause wear and tear on everything exposed to the elements.

Our technicians know KOHLER. By focusing on only Kohler, our team is able to troubleshoot and resolve problems rapidly so you can rest assured your generator is ready when you need it! For extra protection, we also offer KOHLER Remote Monitoring—giving us the ability to see the current status of every generator we’ve worked on that is connected to internet. We can see the error, evaluate how to best resolve the problem, then call you to schedule exactly what your generator needs!

Generator Process

 Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

KOHLER OnCue Remote Monitoring

Whether you’re leaving home for a while, or just looking for additional protection, KOHLER’s Remote Monitoring provides extra peace of mind!

Get your generator internet-connected to get peace of mind in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re home or on the go, Kohler’s mobile app will let you monitor your generator system anytime from anywhere and get instant updates via text or email. The OnCue Plus app allows you to:

  • View real-time power status of your home or business
  • Receive instant generator updates via text or email
  • Check your oil level and temperature
  • Check the engine temperature
  • Start or stop an exercise
  • Change your next exercise