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The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was as busy as predicted, producing 10 hurricanes. Every homeowner in Bradenton, Florida, will remember Hurricane Irma, which packed a major punch but didn’t leave as bad of a mark on the area as initially forecasted. However, Irma is the strongest Atlantic storm on record outside of the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Sea. The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is now here, and if you haven’t already, you should invest in a home generator.

What is a Home Generator?

A home generator works to keep your lights on and HVAC system running during a power outage. A professional will install it outside your home, and it’ll turn on automatically within seconds if you lose power. While a home generator offers convenience, its true benefit is that it provides safety during potentially dangerous situations.

When a storm strikes and the power goes out, you never know how long it’ll last. Power outages in Bradenton can last as little as a few hours to more than a week. During this time, it’s important to keep your home safe and secure. Also, life must go on. That means continuing to cook, clean and complete simple daily tasks that require electricity.

Portable vs. Whole-Home Generators

A portable generator works well, helping you maintain electricity in an important part of your home like the kitchen. But a whole-home generator takes it a step further. A whole-home generator can power your entire house, including the lights, HVAC system, kitchen appliances and more. It’s the most important tool you’ll own during a storm.

What are the Benefits of a Home Generator?

Here are the biggest benefits of installing a generator in your home in Bradenton:

  • Gain instant access to electricity during a power outage.
  • Avoid dealing with dangerous electricity during a major storm.
  • Power your home as long as the home generator has fuel.

Homeowners in Bradenton can consider themselves lucky after last hurricane season. But there’s no telling when our luck will run out. Don’t risk your life and damage to property by not investing in a home generator. Contact Air & Energy at 941-778-0773 for more information about home generators or to schedule an electrical repair today.

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